AGUILAR, Colo. – Strict water restrictions continue for the town of Aguilar after officials announced the restrictions in May and they have not been lifted since.

Aguilar, the town south of Walsenburg and north of Trinidad, has restricted the use of outdoor water because of a state mandate.

The mandate includes any watering of plants and vegetation, washing of cars and vehicles, and filling of swimming pools. Water haulers and any selling of town water is also not allowed.

Donald Gonzales, mayor of Aguilar said the town has only three main well systems to get water but they have not been producing as much as they normally do.

“Water right now is critical for the town….We had more going out than coming in. So the basic deal is to go on restrictions and then with Mother Nature not cooperating with moisture, we’re losing quite a bit,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales said the water is still safe to drink and use for any household needs, however he said people should not use more than they need.

“You can use it for your household, your shower, bath, kitchen, whatever you need on that part. But outside watering, your lawns, washing vehicles, that’s prohibited right now,” Gonzales said.

The town of Aguilar is hoping for the state’s help in building an augmentation plan to increase their water supply.

But town administrators say the extra resource was supposed to be built several years ago but funding challenges and the pandemic forced it to be delayed.

“Hopefully our grants and everything come in. We’re supposed to be sharing something about this around September, I believe, to know if we have final monies for it,” Gonzales said.

Nearby, Walsenburg and Trinidad are also on water restrictions but people are allowed to water twice a week.

If the order is violated in Aguilar, a warning from the town will be given, and if you receive a second violation, you will have to pay a $300 fine.

“We are, as the council trying to work together, trying to figure this out. And we’ll see what goes on from there. I mean, it’s right now, like I say, without the cooperation of Mother Nature to help us, it’s tough,” Gonzales said.