COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Companies like Target, Sony and Home Depot were hit hard with cyber security attacks in 2014. Now, even small businesses are starting to grow concerned.

44 percent of small businesses have reported being a victim of a cyber attack. Each attack cost them an average of $9,000.

That’s why the Travelers Institute is stepping up. They have been making their way across the country helping small businesses prepare for the worst, and on Tuesday they were in Colorado Springs.

“If we could just wake people up to the notion that business preparedness is the best defense against a disaster happening to them,” said Travelers Institute president Joan Woodward.

On Tuesday they got one step closer by reaching out to some of the 59 percent of small and medium size business who have no procedures for data breaches.

“I think a lot of small businesses spend so much time doing what the business does, they don’t take time to really focus on planning and coming up with a preparation plan,” said Chris Blees, small business owner.

The Travelers Institute said most data breaches are related to hackers, emailing personal information, employees doing work on their personal computers and having a laptop or cellphone lost or stolen.

“Have someone check your software a lot, like every six months, to make sure you haven’t been breached,” said Woodward. “A lot of small businesses don’t know they’ve been breached, and that’s another problem.”

Denial is also a huge issue. Many small business owners think the big businesses are the target.

“Things happen to people all the time everyday, and cyber securities happen more and more to small business owners, because they’re thinking it’s not going to happen to them,” said Woodward.