COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Local businesses in Colorado Springs are being highlighted for making a difference. The National Institute for Social Impact announced the PRISM Awards finalists for the most mission-driven businesses of the year.

“A little local love does a lot of global good,” said Emily Ross, owner of Yobel.

The sentiment from Ross is also the idea behind the PRISM Awards.

“PRISM Awards honors businesses that have a social impact whether they’re for-profit or nonprofit,” said Tina Schwaner, owner of Frayla Boutique.

The social impact could be as simple as selling ethically sourced goods.

“Everything we carry has been created by people that are getting paid a living wage and have safe working conditions,” Ross said.

Some businesses are even taking to helping out their community.

“There was a real need in our community going through this pandemic, people couldn’t afford to fix their cars,” said Dan Adam, owner of Adam and Son Auto Repair and Service. “So, Adam and Son founded the ANS stranded motorist fund to help the most vulnerable in our community.”

Other businesses said they are striving to support and lift up other businesses as part of their social impact.

“When COVID hit and so many women went out of business we really started focusing on women-owned companies. So, a lot of our clothing and other items are made by small women-owned companies in the US,” Schwaner said.

And now, these small businesses are finalists in the 2022 PRISM Awards.

“We get to be part of this amazing thing that’s happening so we’re very excited,” Adam said.

The National Institute for Social Impact said the goal of these awards is to create awareness of the growing small business sector.

“Having a cause or a mission is one of the things that I think keeps you going,” Schwaner said.

They also said it seeks to celebrate the businesses that have had an impact on their communities.

“To get chosen as a finalist or just be nominated for this award is an honor. It truly is,” Schwaner said.

But, these businesses said the icing on top is getting to celebrate with other local businesses that have the same mindset.

“It’s a great way to honor the businesses that are working so hard to make that happen and we’d love for our whole community to actually show up and be part of this and support those businesses,” Adam said. “There are so many businesses doing great things right here in Colorado Springs.”