Senator Schumer pushes bill to create national firefighter cancer registry


NEW YORK, N.Y. — A new bill in New York could help explain why so many firefighters are being diagnosed with cancer.

Senator Charles Schumer introduced the proposal Sunday, saying there needs to be a national firefighter cancer registry.

Schumer said it would be managed by the CDC and would track the places where crews diagnosed with cancer battled fires.

The data would then be used to see if the buildings they were in contained any harmful materials.

“We all know about 9/11, we operated in that toxic stew for days and weeks, we all know the result,” said Jake LeMonda of the Fire Officers Association. “But every single day firefighters across this country are being exposed to these cancers, and we’re coming down with strange types of cancers.”

The bill aims to collect information that could lead to the ban of certain chemicals, while also developing new safety protocol for cancer prevention.

If approved, the national registry could be up and running by January 2017.

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