Search for Sasquatch: Part II


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Last November, we took you to Bailey, Colorado – about two hours northeast of Colorado Springs – and ventured deep into the woods in a search for Sasquatch.

But this time, our journey brings us much closer to home – just up Highway 24 to Divide.

Sasquatch sightings have been reported all across the nation. Here in Colorado, some of those sightings were documented in the Pikes Peak Region.

Leon Drew, a Sasquatch researcher, says he’s had not one – but two major Sasquatch encounters.

Drew said his first Sasquatch sighting happened almost 5 years ago.

“I saw these 6-foot tall, black from head to toe, skinny things cross the road just outside the headlights of my jeep,” he said.

Drew started asking around and quickly discovered he wasn’t the first to spot them.

“People in town said ‘Oh yea, that’s a couple of young Bigfoot in the area. We see them all the time.'”

His next Sasquatch encounter wouldn’t take place until 2012 in Cripple Creek.

“I was out hiking about 6 miles from my house,” Drew said. “Walking out of a grove of aspens and standing between two pine trees was this huge, hairy, bipedal creature.”

And Drew said she wasn’t alone – he spotted movement.

“Behind her I could see, there was like a group of pine trees almost in a circle,” Drew said. “And my theory is maybe she was using it like a little playground because I think these were two very young ones that were maybe just there playing.”

Drew said he and the female Sasquatch stared at each other in silence for about 45 seconds. He then looked down to grab his camera and before he could snap a photo she was gone.

“As I’m looking up I could just hear these loud footsteps going across the ground,” Drew said. “I’m just standing there, probably with a dumb look on my face, but just amazed at what I just encountered.”

Drew went back later to measure a branch he took note of and guesses she was nearly 8 feet tall and weighed between 400 to 600 pounds.

“She was huge. Her arms hung down past her knees,” he said. “Her face was partially covered with hair, her mouth area had this gray skin tone to it and I could tell she was nervous and didn’t quite know how to react because I totally startled her.”

That would be the last time Drew would have a face-to-face encounter. But it would not be the last time he’d find evidence of the existence of Sasquatch.

“We had some unusual footprints appear in our driveway, probably 6 to 8 inches in diameter,” he recalled. “Five distinct toes but just a round pad. We have all the normal wildlife come through the yard so I know what their prints look like.”

Drew said sightings of Bigfoot in the region and on Pikes Peak go back centuries.

“The Ute Indians called them the Woods People,” he said. “The whole front range is actually a great territory for them – abundant food sources, abundant water sources, isolated areas.”

So we decided to head back out into the woods for another Squatch Watch – this time near The Crags in Divide.

“I’d love to run into another one,” said Drew. “We think that they follow the herds of deer and the elk, so, they’re following the food source.”

As we walk through the woods we look for signs that Sasquatches have been here – like tree breaks and branches in unusual formations like X’s.

“Some people think that the X’s are used for maybe a territorial marker or a route marker,” said Drew.

We also try reaching out with tree knocks and calls, but that didn’t help too much either.

Nonetheless, Drew and many others believe they’re out there.

“It’s a beautiful time of year for them. There’s been activity reported in here numerous times. I’ve had my own experience with them walking through our camp, so it would not be surprising at all,” he said.

Drew said for years it’s been thought that a small family group had been living in and around Pikes Peak but he now believes that they have moved further south.

Drew believes the Waldo Canyon Fire of June 2012 pushed many potential food sources out of the area and the Sasquatches followed. He thinks they now reside closer to Cañon City.

“Recently I’ve started getting reports around Cañon City, the Beaver Creek area and down around Penrose. So there is still activity around,” he said.

He recalled that last week he heard a report between Cañon City and the Cotipaxi area, where some hikers had reported seeing a large creature moving through the trees.

If you or anyone you know has had a Sasquatch encounter, Drew would like to hear from you. You can contact him through the Pikes Peak Crypto and Paranormal Facebook page.

Drew offers a final piece of advice for both believers and non-believers.

“Pay attention when you’re in the woods, you’d be surprised what you see,” he said.

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