DENVER (KDVR) — The Casa Bonita saga continues as the group “Save Casa Bonita” announced that it objects to the sale of the business to the South Park creators.

Back in September, the owners of Casa Bonita entered into a purchase agreement with the creators of South Park for $3.1 million .

The group Save Casa Bonita filed an objection in bankruptcy court and want to purchase it back for $3.5 million, on the exact same terms.

“We just want to be those folks who save it,” said Save Casa Bonita founder Andrew Novick. “South Park obviously has a lot of history with it because they had an episode about it, but we’re the locals, we’re the voice of the community, we have thousands of supporters so we don’t want to see it become a South Park joke or South Park fun land.”

Casa Bonita files for bankruptcy after 47 years in business

One of the men from the Save Casa Bonita group posted it would be much better operators of Casa Bonita than the Zeppelin Development which is the group that the South Park creators hired to run it.

Here is the post:

It will now be up to the courts to decide on the objection filed by Save Casa Bonita.

The Colorado icon has been in business since the 1970s but closed last March due to the pandemic. The owners filed for bankruptcy last April.