COLORADO — The passage of Colorado Senate Bill 21-094 allows Colorado pharamacists to diagnose and prescribe medicine.

Safeway grocery stores all across Colorado are going to offer 14 different services.

“The main ones being testing for flu and then treating for that and then also preventative for those close contacts,” said Nikki Price, Director Pharmacy Operations, Albertsons Safeway Pharmacies.

Patients do not need an appointment or to see a doctor to get a prescription.

“If there’s any exclusions, then we’re going to send you to a provider, your physician, your primary care provider, somebody else,” said Price. “If not, then we’re going to go ahead and take care of you, fill that prescription and get you on your way.”

Price said patients can walk up to the pharmacy to get oral contraceptives, epipens, , strep throat treatment, UTI treatment, migraine treatment, flu treatment.

Colorado Medical Society (CMS) said this gives patients more access to medicine.

“I think that this actually will be good for patient access. And like I said, the safeguards for patient safety, we believe, are in place,” said Mark Johnson M.D. CMS President.

El Paso County Medical Society (EPCMS) advocates for training and education of pharmacists.

“Anytime you’re going to expand scope of practice such as this, there needs to be the proper training and education behind it to make sure the patients are taking care of,” said Mike Ware, CEO EPCMS.

Ware said health care is a growing field with a demand for workers.

“Especially in an area like ours where you know, our physician, our supply of physicians is having trouble keeping up with the growth in the area and in the region,” said Were.

“So it’s just that overall total care and the grocery store and our Safeway pharmacy being a health destination,” said Price.

The law does not allow pharmacists to treat children under 12-years-old.

Safeway pharmacies charge a service fee of $35.