(COLORADO SPRINGS) — In the wake of the tragedy at Club Q, a flag was raised Wednesday morning, Nov. 23, at Colorado Springs City Hall in solidarity with the grieving LGBTQ+ community.

“We will no longer be in the shadows,” said State Representative Leslie Herod during the ceremony. “So, show your love to the Club Q family right now. Let’s hear it across Colorado.”

A 24 by 14 foot section of a historic pride flag now hangs at City Hall as a gesture of love and healing. This flag, known as section 93 of the ‘Sea to Sea’ flag, is on loan to Colorado Springs from the ‘Sacred Cloth’ project.

“Our presence here is just to encourage people, that we’re going to continue celebrating,” said Justin Burns, co-organizer of Pikes Peak Pride. “We’re going to continue to have pride until no LGBTQ person ever feels fear or hate or has any worry.”

This is the same flag that flies each year in Orlando since 2016, marking the anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shooting.

“There’s thousands of other communities just like this one that encourage bigotry, encourage hate,” Burns said. “And, we have to stop it in ourselves and in our hearts and let it go beyond Colorado Springs.”

Those who were present at Club Q, either as customers or working that night, believe something like this was inevitable in Colorado Springs.

“It was always in the back of my mind,” said De Lu Sional, who was hosting the show. “But it’s very… the kind of thing where it doesn’t feel real and even now thinking back to it, I think of it like something on TV and I’m like, ‘I was there’.”

And now, they said it will continue to haunt them.

“Even walking down the hallway in my own home, I have to call my friend because I am so scared just to have my back turned. And I can’t let that affect me but it’s so hard. It’s so hard,” De Lu Sional said.

Through this event, organizers and those in attendance said they hope this flag can send a message.

“We will come back,” said Jessica Laney, co-organizer of Pikes Peak Pride. “We will come back stronger; we will come back bigger and better than we were before. And this is only going to unite the community that much more.”

A message, they said, that will also help the community realize they’re not alone.

“We need to get through this, and we need to get better,” De Lu Sional said. “And it’s horrible. It’s horrible that we just have to carry on, but I need to. As much as I’m going to miss… and I am so hurt that Daniel and Derrick are gone… I need to keep going. I need to keep going.”