RVs fill empty Sears parking lot, leaving other businesses in the area frustrated


Businesses surrounding an abandoned Sears parking lot are beyond frustrated after the empty lot has now turned into a makeshift RV parking lot.

“For the people who are upset, there is really no other place for us to go,” said Patty Rauch, who has lived on the lot in her RV for nearly three months.

The Sears store in the Broadmoor Towne Center closed in March of this year. The building has since been empty but the parking lot is still considered private property, so the city isn’t able to cite these RVs.

“They don’t pay for security. So as long as the owner didn’t care it was a good spot,” said Rauch.

Two businesses in the area that FOX21 spoke to on the phone said the RVs were an eyesore for the busy shopping center. One business, who wanted to remain anonymous, said they have filed a formal complaint with the city.

“Some of it I can understand, people just trash and leave crap all over the place,” said Rauch.

Rauch said she picked this lot to park in because she heard Sears was going out of business. She said she would park in a RV park but said several of them don’t allow RVs that are more than 10 years old.

“For abandoned streets or places that have abandoned businesses, what harm are we doing?” said Rauch.

At the end of 2018, the city of Colorado Springs put an ordinance into place that would ban all RVs from parking on residential or city streets.

Rauch said this is one of the reasons that people like her have no where to go.

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