DENVER (KDVR) — It’s a new system, with new challenges that prescribe patience, in a game where little is given.

“I think the biggest thing is staying on schedule,” Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson said about his offense’s growing pains. ”You want to stay in rhythm. We had a lot of third and longs last weekend and that gets you out of rhythm.”

Don’t we know it? When it comes to rhythm this offense is dancing with two left feet, but even averaging just 14 points through three games—there have been promising glimpses.

“The great part of it is that we have the work ethic, we have the focus and we’re excited,” Wilson said. “With our defense, how elite they are, how great they’ve been playing, how amazing they’ve been — I can’t wait until we (the offense) turn it around because I think we can be unstoppable.”

Ever effusive and eternally positive, Wilson continues to lead every day, even on an off day. Every Tuesday, he gathers the offense for his weekly “state of the union,” something he’s done from the start of his rookie season.

“I have all the guys come in, it’s voluntary, of course, but they all come in. I want to know from guys that might have played (our next opponent), here’s this: what do you see on film? It’s great communication, there’s so much knowledge in the room,” Wilson said.

I think we understand that a couple of aspirin won’t cure their growing pains, but a road win might do wonders. Wilson agrees.

“I always say to win a Super Bowl, a lot of time it’s on the road. To win the whole thing, to be successful you have to win on the road in the division,” Wilson said.

They get their first chance at doing that this weekend in Las Vegas against the Raiders. Kickoff is at 2:25 p.m. MT.