Rudy Elementary School community rallies behind student in his battle with cancer


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — It’s news no parent ever wants to hear – your child is in the fight for his life.

That’s what’s going on for one student who attends Rudy Elementary School, as the school community rallies behind the boy in his battle.

It all started with hip pain, but then it slowly got worse.

“It wasn’t him, he wasn’t himself, he did not have good skin color,” said Jackson’s father, Benjamin Ford.

Then he started walking funny.

Again they went back to the doctor, and were then sent to Memorial Hospital. There, they were told everything was fine and got sent home.

But they knew it was not fine.

“So the primary [doctor] sent us to an oncologist an hour later, that’s when they kind of told us from day one he had ALL – which is in his blood. It’s not something they can pinpoint in one area,” said Ford.

Jackson is now battling leukemia.

From the day he was diagnosed, doctors came up with a plan to fight the cancer.

“He’s got a long road, he’s got a year of chemo and two more years of treatment after that, so it’s a three year plan,” said Ford.

But Jackson isn’t doing it alone.

Staff, the PTA, and the community at Rudy Elementary came together, raising money for the family, so they can focus on their son.

“Why would they have to worry about money? Let’s get some money in their pockets so they can worry about their son and let’s take care of their son,” said Wendy Dickson, the PTA president at Rudy Elementary.

That’s exactly what they did – raising $8,000 in just one week.

The check was presented to the family Tuesday.

“This is just a blessing, we have just been so blessed by all these ladies here, gentlemen, men and parents,” said Ford.

It was a blessing when one was badly needed.

“He has battled hard, his body has done some really good work. He’s a champ, he’s my hero,” said Ford.

This is going to be a long battle for Jackson and his family.

If you’d like to help them, contact Rudy Elementary at 719-328-7600 and they will get the funds to the family.

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