COLORADO SPRINGS — After a video posted to Dragonman Gun Range’s Facebook page prompted questions about the legitimacy of El Paso County Sheriff candidate Joe Roybal’s appearance on the Primary ballot, Roybal has responded, saying his ballot access is undisputed.

In order to appear on the June Primary ballot, Roybal used a petition method which required a minimum amount of signatures. The questions arose when an announcement was made in the video, showing “Dragon Man” Mel Bernstein offering a $5 discount at his gun range to anyone who signed the petition.

Read Roybal’s response in its entirety below:

The success of my ballot access as a candidate using the petition process is undisputed. The number of valid signatures obtained at the Dragonman business was about 43. I was certified to the ballot with over 1500 valid signatures, 500 more than needed, after talking to more than 2000 voters. I used the petition process instead of the caucus/assembly because I did not have the faith they would be conducted in a fair and honest manner. The number of signatures in question has no bearing on the outcome of my certification.

At the time of the video, I was not aware the discount would be offered for each signature obtained. I was surprised and did not know he was going to make the statement; it was not planned nor coordinated with me. After this issue was brought to my attention, my campaign and I researched the rules and understand why the question was raised. If I’d had a full understanding of the rules at the time, I would have intervened. Now, I have a better understanding of the process and will ensure full compliance in the future.

I trust the citizens of our county. They spoke loud and clear when they voted for me on June 28 to be their candidate for Sheriff. I take this mandate seriously. I will serve them with honor and integrity as I have done for nearly 27 years in the sheriff’s office.

Joe Roybal
Candidate for El Paso County Sheriff