(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The holidays are just around the corner and it’s important to keep everyone in mind this season. Rocky Mountain ADA Center has tips to ensure your holidays are all-inclusive.

According to the ‘Access Granted’ blog, Effective Communication is what saves our loved ones from exclusion and avoiding gaps in the conversation. You can simply ask what you can do to make your guests feel welcomed and comfortable. When you take your guests with communication disabilities into consideration, it can make all the difference in their experience, making them feel included without forcing them to speak up for themselves during the festivities.

If you need more tips on communicating with your deaf loved ones, you can check out these tips from the Communication Service for the Deaf.

The Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination against qualified individuals with a disability. The Rocky Mountain ADA Center’s mission is to provide information, guidance, and training on the Americans with Disabilities Act here in Colorado and our neighboring states.

If you’re looking for training and resources on the ADA, you can head to the Rocky Mountain ADA Center’s website.

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