(ROCKY FORD, Colo.) — A product made in Rocky Ford is changing the game for safe drinking water in places that need it most.

The Sunspring Hybrid, made by Innovative Water Technologies, was recently named the Coolest Thing Made in Colorado by the Colorado Chamber of Commerce.

The Sunspring Hybrid is a portable, water purification system that runs completely off solar and wind.

This water purification system stems from Rocky Ford but the impacts stretch across the globe. 38 countries rely on this for clean water in entire communities, schools, hospitals and more.

“From our little factory here in Rocky ford, Colorado we’ve produced over 100 billion liters of safe drinking water around the world,” said Jack Barker, President of Innovative Water Technologies.

“Just seeing the kids around the world, they actually play in the water. They’ve never seen water that clean or that fresh. Then knowing it’s going to make them healthier is really rewarding. We all have a passion for what we’re doing.”

The Sunspring Hybrid produces 20,000 liters of clean water per day. That’s equivalent to 40,000 plastic water bottles.

“Around the world 90% of the water-borne disease is microbiological. We can pull water from a lake, a river, a pond, unsafe municipal water. And every drop that comes out is bacteriologically safe to drink,” said Barker.

This Sunspring Hybrid can be 200 yards away from a water source and tap into well water 100 feet deep.

Innovative Water Technologies partners with organizations and nonprofits to connect communities with this life-changing technology.

“Our goal is just to help as many people around the world as we can. It’s nice to be in small town Colorado making an impact around the world,” said Barker.

They also developed a Sunspring Mini, which is being used by military and first responders for disaster relief and other remote operations.

Accepted for use in US Public Drinking Water Systems, the SunSpring Hybrid is designed to be used where power is at best unreliable.

The SunSpring also acts as a reliable power station offering three 12 VDC plugs for charging devices during an emergency, for a small business, or for everyday use.