Road work roundup: Halfway through paving season and over 50 percent complete


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — It seems like construction is happening on every road in town but as frustrating as it might be, it only means progress.

Thankfully we’re about halfway in to paving season and according the Public Works department, scheduled projects are over 50 percent complete; until then, the cone zones continue.

“Not crazy about it,” said driver Don Johnson. “I mean it seems like everywhere you go there’s stuff going on and it’s just finding a way to work around. So it’s frustrating but I’m glad to see things getting done.”

Corey Farkas, the Operations and Maintenance Division Manager, says these afternoon thunderstorms and rain showers have been a challenge to work around.

“Obviously we don’t want to pave in the rain but what we have been seeing is a lot of kind of later storms coming in,” said Farkas.

But progress is moving along, especially the project on Woodmen which is finishing up.

“I just want to see it done.” Johnson said, “You know, we get three lanes both ways on Woodmen and it’s going to be a well moving road.”

Crews have begun milling and paving up north. One major project happening right now is on Voyager.

Farkas said, “Next week one of our contractors are going to be starting on Platte Avenue and there’s going to be a large stretch of Platte that we’re going to be taking care of.”

But with all of the cone zones and road work happening, Farkas says it will take a couple of years of 2C construction before we start seeing a major impact.

“Every road that we can get paved, every cone zone that you have to go through that’s frustrating you for the short time, relatively short time that we’re out there, is going to be years of enjoyment when you’re driving,” said Farkas.

Don’t forget Colorado Springs has an interactive cone zone map which can be really helpful when planning your commute. It’s super easy to use and it’s updated daily.>> To learn more click here.

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