COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A young woman is riding mustangs across the country for a cause… to make sure wild horses can leave the holding pens and get a forever home.

On August 4, her journey took her through Colorado Springs, which means she now has just a few months left on her ride.

“Thinking about it is making me tear up. Part of me has always been looking for a life where I can be with my horses every day and I set that up on this journey,” said Lisanne Fear, who’s the riding team leader and also part of the Mustang Discovery Ride nonprofit.

Waking up with her horses every day has been her reality for the past eleven months.

“Pistachio is kind of my nut over here. He’s the one that keeps trying to eat everything on my saddle,” she said of one of her mustangs. “Chalano here…” Fear patted the buckskin mustang she was currently sitting atop. “He’s like the star quarterback of the team, he’s the best athlete I have.”

Standing off to the side was her mule.

“Abilene,” Fear said. “[She] actually inspired and started it all for me. Mule-stangs are really rare in the wild and I just wanted to show her off to the world.”

Her horses were all once wild mustangs, which drove her to saddle up for a year-long trail ride, raising awareness on the importance of adopting wild horses.

“There’s fifty-thousand of them that every single American taxpayer is paying to keep and take care of and these horses deserve really good and loving homes so I love to showcase how awesome these horses are and why they deserve to be out of holding.”

She said even though she had some strong goals, the experience has been life-changing.

“There’s just so much good in the world,” Fear said. “You know, just knocking on strangers doors most every night is very humbling because you meet some of the best and kindest biggest-hearted people.”

With only three states left to go, the reality of the ride coming to an end is settling in.

“I think my horses and I are both ready for a little bit of a break, but, man, after this trip it’s going to be something. There’s so many plans and big ideas and everything in place but it just won’t be the same as being on the trail with these guys.”