Restaurant Report Card: What happens after an outbreak? Pikes Peak Brewing explains

Restaurant Report Card

MONUMENT, Colo. — In this week’s Restaurant Report Card, FOX21 is getting a behind the scenes look at how restaurants, in this case Pikes Peak Brewing, are working to keep staff and customers safe after an outbreak at the brewery earlier this month.

“Our first employee had some body aches on July 1st. A few days after that, the employee she was working with came down with symptoms as well,” founder and head brewer Chris Wright said.

Two staff members at Pikes Peak Brewing tested positive for coronavirus, which is considered an outbreak by the state health department.

“We immediately reached out, even on a Saturday and left a message with the health department. We immediately isolated the people that had any symptoms or the people that had been working with those people closely,” said Wright.

Wright said they never had to close completely, because both employees were never near customers. But Pikes Peak Brewing said they immediately calculated a plan.

“You almost go into a strategic or tactical, firefighting mode where you just kind of lock everything down, stop, and just take another look at your operations and make sure you’re doing the right things,” said Wright.

They are doing things like sanitizing high touch areas every hour, and they just got a fogger that apparently kills the virus.

“It uses a hypochloric acid, so it just takes salt water and distills down the chlorides and that kills viruses and bacteria,” said Wright.

As for those two employees, thankfully they are now healthy and just fine.

“Everyone is back to work. Everyone is making beer. Everyone is serving customers and we’re doing it the safe and responsible way,” said Wright.

And like they say, the best beers are ones shared with friends.

“Our motto is ‘Life Is Better When Lived Together’ and that drives everything we do and that includes the safety of our staff and our customers,” Wright said. “That’s paramount before anything else.”

Pikes Peak Brewing said El Paso County Public Health was very helpful throughout this entire process.

Also, within the next couple of weeks, Pikes Peak Brewing is opening its second location, which will be a Lager House with a rooftop bar at 514 S. Tejon Street in downtown Colorado Springs.

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