COLORADO SPRINGS — In this week’s Restaurant Report Card, as if the past year hasn’t been hard enough, Colorado Springs staple Western Omelette is now at risk of losing the building they’ve been in for the past 29 years.

“It feels like home,” said customer Sheila Palmer.

For nearly three decades, 16 South Walnut Street has been just that — home to out-of-towners and locals alike, but especially to the Borders family.

“We have one of the hottest green chiles in Colorado Springs,” General Manager Angel Borders said. “People don’t always like to believe that but then when they try it, they know.”

In 1992, Bill Borders brought his dream of Western Omelette just west of downtown. His granddaughter, Angel is now taking the restaurant’s reigns, but you can still find Bill keeping a close eye on every breakfast that comes through the window.

“I did what they call The Country. It’s biscuits and gravy, eggs and I did the sausage patty and the pancakes which it said silver dollar but that’s the biggest dollar I’ve ever seen,” said customer TD Palmer.

Western Omelette has seen tough times before, but 2020 was one of the worst.

“During the first shutdown, it was so scary because I didn’t know if we were going to be able to open again. But this time, it’s even more scary,” Angel said.

The building is now at risk of being sold to a developer, unless the Borders’ can come up with the money to buy it themselves.

“Because of how 2020 was, banks don’t want to give loans to restaurants right now. They don’t even want to give us loans for little things, much less to say, ‘we need a loan for $550,000 to buy a building’,” said Angel.

But time is running out. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so the family is asking their loyal customers to help them raise the capital.

“It’s not like we have six months,” Angel explained. “We have 30 days to come up with this money and we have exhausted every other choice that we had. We were thinking of every which route we could go to try to make this place stay, not only for us but for our employees that we’ve had for many years and are scared and stressed, like where are they going to go?”

They’ve started a campaign, calling for donations. It works like store credit at the restaurant. Whatever you give, you can then use toward your food and drinks, but only once the $550,000 target is reached.

“We just want to serve you breakfast. That’s it and we just want to remain here,” said Angel.

It’s a big goal, but the Borders’ say this home is worth protecting.

“When you come in and you know the food is great and the atmosphere and people. You’ve got to keep it alive,” Sheila said.

If you make a donation and the Borders’ do not end up buying the building, they say your money will be refunded. Click here to donate.

“Help us continue to serve you breakfast. Help us continue to be a part of the community that we have always been,” said Angel.