COLORADO SPRINGS — In this week’s Restaurant Report card, a veteran-owned and operated local gem just got a whole lot bigger.

Red Leg Brewing Company, located at 2323 Garden of the Gods Road in Colorado Springs opened its massive multi-purpose complex on Wednesday but creating this space where community and culture meet did not come without challenges.

Red Leg Brewing Company was founded on July 4th, 2013, with the idea of serving those who serve. President and founder, Todd Baldwin fought for our nation as a field artillery officer.

“Overcoming obstacles is a big one from the military. A lot of times you’re given these really challenging missions to go accomplish and you have to go do it and I think this project is really a microcosm of all that hard work,” Baldwin said.

The 14,000 square foot complex features a taproom, a rooftop deck, and bar with panoramic views, an outdoor beer garden, and a live music stage. In the fall, there will be space to house local businesses and restaurants.

“Pizza, tacos, ice cream, cookies, barbecue, juices, coffee, all sorts of delicious goodies that aren’t related to beer,” Baldwin added.

With a facility, this large, of course, comes job openings. Thirty new employees have been hired so far, but 40 to 50 are still needed.

“We’d have a job description out and we would get 30 to 40 resumes, now we get two or three,” Baldwin explained.

Staffing is just one of the many challenges faced when opening an establishment of this size, especially when up against a battle like the pandemic.

“Just like my experience in the military, sometimes you get handed a card you don’t really like but how do you push through it, how do you find a way around it?” Baldwin said.