Restaurant Report Card: Nine violations for a Pueblo Chinese restaurant

Restaurant Report Card

COLORADO SPRINGS — In this week’s Restaurant Report Card, nine violations for a Pueblo Chinese restaurant, and a pizza place with no violations in over a year.

Pueblo Dragon is not exactly slaying their latest health inspection.

Located on North Elizabeth Street and 28th Street, a September 18 health inspection at Pueblo Dragon revealed nine health code violations, including:

  • Large amount of dead cockroaches found in basement.
  • Employees not washing hands as needed.
  • Food being held at dangerous temperatures.

This is why Pueblo Dragon on North Elizabeth fails our Restaurant Report Card.

FOX21 reached out to the manager, who told us the roaches were contained to the basement, and they are working on correcting all of the other issues.

But for a safe sauce and a crust you can trust, head to Toni and Joe’s Pizzeria at the corner of Colorado and Abriendo Avenues, which hasn’t had any health code violations in over a year.

“My help cares,” said owner Joyce Meyer. “They want it right, so that makes it easier on everybody around, because then they keep it clean, they worry about temperatures.”

Toni and Joe’s recently celebrated eight years of pizza prosperity in Pueblo.

“The Godfather really sells,” Meyer said. “It’s got the alfredo sauce, Pueblo chiles, fresh jalepeno, chicken, bacon, mozzerella cheese. It’s wonderful.”

Meyer and her team continue to put some slice and spice back into the community she was born and raised in.

“We bake them in a brick oven, which takes a little bit longer to bake, of course,” Meyer said. “Everything is hand-tossed, handmade. We make everything from scratch. I think that improves our taste.”

This is why Toni and Joe’s Pizzeria on Colorado Avenue passes our Restaurant Report Card.

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