COLORADO SPRINGS — In this week’s Restaurant Report Card, nine restaurants and two full bars, under one roof in downtown Colorado Springs.

Tejon Eatery, a new 28,000 square-foot food hall located at 19 N. Tejon Street celebrated its grand opening on Thursday.

“A food hall is first and foremost a gathering space so the idea here is that friends, family, people coming through, can have a place to come and relax, and have a place to come and get a lot of varieties of food,” Executive Chef Dylan Montanio said.

Think mall food court, but with higher-end cuisine.

“We have a ramen restaurant. We have a BBQ restaurant. We have a fresh juice bar. We have crispy chicken sandwiches. We have mac and cheese. We have a deli,” Montanio said.

Two full bars and five restaurants are open now, with four more coming soon, not to mention a motorcycle museum.

“We have the Rocky Mountain motorcycle museum here. It’s really unique, one-of-a-kind bikes from all different eras,” Montanio added.

Eighty-five motorcycles are on display, including the first Harley Davidson to ever go to the top of Pikes Peak.

Plans for Tejon Eatery started before the pandemic, which brought unforeseeable supply chain issues, and of course staffing shortages.

“You’ll order a piece of equipment and you’ll get confirmation that the equipment is ordered and then it just never shows up,” Montanio said.

The food hall hoped to hire 55 cooks and 35 front-of-house workers.

“We aren’t nearly at that mark. We’re still really actively hiring. Anybody that wants to come in, I’m actively hiring for the kitchen. I need about 20 more cooks,” Montanio explained.

They’re looking for people who can handle the heat, because you may be needed in one of these kitchens.

“We have a lot of fun here and there’s a lot of different things to do,” Montanio said. “If you get bored working in one area, you can move to the next one and learn a completely different style of cuisine and it’s just a really great opportunity for anyone that’s trying to come up in the industry and really growing their skill set. And you know, we pay well and we take care of people.”

You can apply for a position online right now at