Restaurant Report Card: Liquor license suspended at Pueblo bar

Restaurant Report Card

PUEBLO, Colo. — In this week’s Restaurant Report Card, a Pueblo bar and grill’s liquor license is suspended for three days, due to failure to comply with COVID-19 requirements.

The Pueblo Liquor Board suspended Broadway Tavern’s liquor license, which is located at 127 Broadway Avenue. The suspension will last Oct. 30 through Nov. 1.

Mayor Nick Gradisar said he would rather close one business for a few days than close all of Pueblo’s small businesses, and that the city will step up enforcement in order to slow the spread of the virus.

“Mostly it was failing to comply with the mask orders for the employees and the customers. They were out there, I think six visits that they made to the Broadway, and that’s primarily what it was. Early on, they didn’t have the tables far enough apart. They weren’t social distancing,” said Mayor Gradisar.

Gradisar said a hearing will be held next week to decide if further action will be taken against Broadway Tavern.

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