Restaurant Report Card: Jorge’s Sombrero reopens its doors

Restaurant Report Card

PUEBLO, Colo. — Restaurant Report Card is back!

But while FOX21 does not quite feel like it’s the right time to ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ restaurants during the pandemic, we do want to show you what local spots are doing to get back in business, plus some ways to take it easy on the staff as they navigate this weird time.

Jorge’s Sombrero: Where the margaritas are strong and the reputation is long.

“I have been employed here at Jorge’s for 19 years. I started when I was 14-years-old and moved my way up. I have never seen anything like this. It’s new to all of us,” said manager, Kandi Arellano.

Since opening their doors in 1982, nothing has made an impact quite like Covid-19.

“This is not our normal day life of our job title. We don’t know everything or the right things to do but we’re trying to follow the guidelines that have been given to us as best as we can,” said bar manager, Jenna Gallegos.

No mask-no service here, plus you and your server will match because they’re wearing them too.

“We’re hot. We’re working hard. We’re sweating underneath these thing so the mask thing is something we take very seriously for health reasons,” said Gallegos.

They ask, please no mask jokes. At least we get to take ours off to eat.

And expect just about every other table to be blocked off for social distancing.

“Right now we can only seat about 12 to 15 tables. Normally it’s 30 maybe more tables,” said Arellano.

So you eat, you go. Let someone else come in and enjoy this simple pleasure we haven’t been able to do for awhile, plus staff still has to deep clean that table.

“We definitely had to educate everybody on the precaution of sanitizing once a table leaves, how we’re disposing of our gloves. Between tables we’re really trying not to cross-contaminate anything,” said Gallegos.

Now let’s talk about tipping. These folks have to feed their families too.

“A lot of us were off for a long time. The few months there that we weren’t having any kind of income and I know a lot of people were able to get on unemployment but some weren’t so right now tipping is how we’re surviving,” said Gallegos.

But the morale of the story here, let’s just be nice!

“During this pandemic it’s been hard for everybody. It’s emotional, it’s stressful. We just ask that our customers are going to be kind to us,” said Arellano.

“It’s a whole new thing and we didn’t know what was going to come next so it’s hard to get used to so bear with us,” said shift manager, Demi Garven.

FOX21 is going to continue showing you how restaurants are managing the new guidelines for dine-in operations, and if you have a restaurant you’d like us to check out, send us an email at

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