Restaurant Report Card: Food safety at the Colorado State Fair

Restaurant Report Card

PUEBLO — Restaurant Report Card comes early this week as we’re talking food safety at the Colorado State Fair.

Pueblo County environmental health specialists gave FOX21 News a behind-the-scenes look at how they inspect food vendors at the fair.

You come to the Colorado State Fair for the Ferris wheel and stay for the fried food, but look closely, because you’ll also find environmental health specialists roaming the grounds.

“It’s a little bit different than what we do in a mom and pop restaurant or just your typical restaurant,” said Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment environmental health specialist Josh Gallegos.

But they have the same goal: keeping you safe.

However, out at the fair, staying food safe is no ride on the carousel.

“Well we’re in a very tight, tight squeeze of a spot, and we serve food and everything,” concessionaire Morgan Kaplanis said. “We don’t want any contamination to our food. We like everything nice and clean and happy service to everybody.”

With about 60 to 70 food vendors at this year’s state fair, inspectors have their work cut out for them.

“We come out multiple times,” Gallegos said. “All of our inspections are always unannounced, so we could go to a place multiple times a day.”

And they will, of course, continue checking back in to make sure everything has been corrected, while fairgoers can just enjoy the ride.

According to Gallegos, you can stop by any vendor and look for their health inspection report, usually posted in the window. Or, you can ask to see it.

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