COLORADO SPRINGS — In this week’s Restaurant Report Card, a driver crashed into a local, family-owned restaurant in Colorado Springs Monday night. Now the owner of Taste of Brasil on Garden of the Gods Road is calling on the community to help them get the doors back on their hinges and back open.

Late Monday night, Taste of Brasil owner Alexandre Da Silva got a call he never wanted.

“I thought it was a joke at the beginning because he said, ‘I’m inside your restaurant’. So, I hung up on him,” Da Silva said.

However, it was a police officer telling him someone crashed into his restaurant.

“The vehicle came right in through and destroyed everything in its path. The miracle was that he was able to actually back out and leave,” Da Silva explained.

He says the driver took off, but someone got their plate number, and police tracked them down. Da Silva says his biggest concern was that his staff would not have anywhere to work. But he says he’s just thankful it was a Monday night when the restaurant was closed.

“If this was on a Sunday, we would have been dealing with burying people,” Da SIlva said.

Da Silva says right now, he’s dealing with insurance claims and legalities.

“I know it’s a fact that it will take a long time until everything gets rebuilt and back into business, but we’re not going anywhere,” Da Silva said.

He’s trying to have part of the restaurant open by next week for take-out and delivery.

“I’m too proud of what I do and I’m too deep into the community to just give up on Colorado Springs,” Da Silva said.

Now he is hoping the same folks he loves to feed will come together and help him do just that.

“The most valuable thing that we have here is the love that we share with the community,” Da SIlva said.

If you would like to help Taste of Brasil partially reopen, you can donate to their Go Fund Me page.

CSPD says the crash is still a very active investigation and a follow-up is being conducted right now. If anyone has information about the crash, they are asked to call 719-444-7000.