Restaurant Report Card: Battle of the burgers, local vs. chain

Restaurant Report Card

COLORADO SPRINGS — In this week’s Restaurant Report Card, with all of the hamburger hype over the past few weeks since In-N-Out opened its first Colorado Springs location, FOX21 News thought it would try a local vs. chain experiment to see if the California-based burger can actually stand out in a crowd.

Hold onto to your buns, let’s begin the battle of the burgers!

FOX21 News started at a local favorite, Drifters where the wait in the drive-thru was 19 minutes. They were really busy, which was great to see. FOX21’s crew purchased two double cheeseburgers for $10.80.

Next up, Colorado doesn’t have Whataburger or Shake Shack, so Five Guys it is. FOX21’s crew was in and out, no pun intended, in 8 minutes, with two cheeseburgers that happen to already come double-patty for $20.10.

Then our crew went to another popular local spot, Short Stop. It only took two minutes from the time FOX21 pulled up to order until the food was in our crew’s hands. Two double cheeseburgers were $10.60.

And of course, FOX21 went to the talk of the town — In-N-Out, which surprisingly only took 25 minutes to get through the drive-thru. We had feared it would be hours. Two Double-Doubles were $9.41.

For the experiment, FOX21 discretely labeled each burger A, B, C, and D, so our resident Californian test subject, photojournalist Mike Duran, could not see the packaging.

Duran tried all four, and was able to correctly name Five Guys and Short Stop, but he could not tell the difference between Drifters and In-N-Out.

We decided to broaden our sample size, so we recruited another Californian, FOX21’s Daniela Leon.

Let’s just say, she knows her meat. Leon correctly named where each burger came from.

But the real lesson learned here, is just because something new and shiny comes to town, doesn’t mean there weren’t already hidden gems in our own backyard that could even fool a Californian.

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