COLORADO SPRINGS — In this week’s Restaurant Report Card, a recent survey shows Colorado ranks as the fifth state in the country for most in need of workers and the hardest hit industry is food service.

For one Colorado Springs bakery, it’s not layoffs or a loss of employees for the need to hire, it’s the major boost in business during the pandemic.

“We have cinnamon rolls baking right now. We sell 150 or 140 a week,” said owner, Shawn Saunders.

He opened up The Sourdough Boulangerie in 2014. The star of the show is of course the sourdough.

“We have cheese-its that we make with cheese from Springside Cheese down in Pueblo,” Saunders said. “There is 12 hours worth of fermentation put into just our regular sourdough.”

The bakery is going against the grain during the pandemic, and bringing in more bread.

“We went from selling a couple hundred dollars a day to selling a lot,” he added.

Now they’re needing more kneaders and no experience is necessary.

“We’re hiring for delivery drivers, packagers, and we’re looking for a baker, and possibly a night baker,” Saunders said. “We can train them. As long as you can lift 50 pounds or more, you’re fine.”

Working your buns off, comes with perks.

“You get to take a loaf of bread home every day for free. We do have a lot of different benefits that we offer to staff,” Saunders added.

If you would like to apply, just stop by the bakery located at 6453 Omaha Boulevard, or email your resume to