Restaurant Report Card: 15 violations for a Pueblo County food truck

Restaurant Report Card

PUEBLO, Colo. — In this week’s Restaurant Report Card, a Pueblo County food truck that had to be shut down by the health department, and a look back at some previous Pueblo passes over the last year and a half of Restaurant Report Card.

The wheels are falling off at Rubeana’s Mr. Philly Food Truck.

The Pueblo West spot at East Industrial Boulevard and North Dynamics Drive where the mobile restaurant often parks is now empty.

“Whenever a retail food facility is closed, it’s closed if there is any high public health hazards,” said Josh Gallegos, environmental health specialist with the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment.

A June 28 health inspection revealed 15 violations, including:

  • The person in charge does not demonstrate food safety knowledge.
  • Employees not washing hands when needed.
  • Unclean food contact surfaces.
  • Nearly 60 pounds of food held at dangerous temperatures, which had to be tossed out.

“The main thing for us was making sure that they have adequate refrigeration to ensure that all of the food is being held safely, making sure that they have plumbing, and working water at all times so they can do proper handwashing and ware washing,” Gallegos said.

FOX21 reached out to Mr. Philly. The person we spoke to said the issues are being fixed and there is no estimated time of reopening.

“Whenever we have numerous violations, we want to ensure that they do have a great understanding and knowledge of food safety, so usually in those cases we want to make sure that they take some kind of food handling course,” Gallegos said.

This is why Rubeana’s Mr. Philly fails our Restaurant Report Card.

For the past year and a half, FOX21 has shown you dozens of restaurants that have spick and span health histories. Now we want to give you a recap of the previous passes in Pueblo County that are still keeping it clean:

  • It’s been three years and five inspections since S.S. Subs has seen a single violation.
  • Cleanliness is a piece of cake at Marie’s Restaurant. They are going on two years with no violations.
  • The legacy lives on at Giodone’s, with a perfectly clean slate since early 2016.
  • Food safety and finger-lickin’ fried chicken is at Hen House Cafe, with no critical violations since September 2017.

How do you know if a food truck is actually licensed to sell food?

You should see a blue tag with the state health department logo either in the window or somewhere on the truck.

For licensed food vendors in Pueblo City-County, look for a little green badge with a smiley face or search the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment’s food facility inspection database. If you can’t find the name of the truck or vendor, they likely are not licensed.

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