Restaurant Report Card: 12 violations for a Pueblo diner


In this week’s Restaurant Report Card, 12 violations for a diner in Pueblo, not to mention an extremely confrontational manager, and a hot dog shop with an excellent health history.

You might want to change your route if you were planning to visit Route 50 Diner located on Highway 50 near 27th Lane.

A June 14 health inspection at Route 50 Diner revealed 12 violations, including:
Employees going from raw to ready-to-eat foods without washing hands.
Multiple instances of employees not washing hands when necessary.
Food being held at dangerous temperatures.

All of these were corrected on site by the health inspector.

When FOX21 reached out to the manager, he asked if it was even legal for us to ask about their health inspections. By the way, it is and it’s the public’s right to know.

This is why Route 50 Diner fails our Restaurant Report Card.

But for food safety that will have you saying ‘frank you very much’, head to Steel City Dogs.

Owner Diana Gomez tells FOX21 what it takes to go without a single violation in over a year.

“Persistence and I think just the desire to help make our customers feel safe and comfortable,” said Gomez.

Located on the corner of east Orman Avenue and west Mesa Avenue, Steel City Dogs has been relishing in the sausage success for more than 10 years.

They offer traditional Chicago dogs, the Pueblo Fire dog that of course comes smothered in Pueblo Chiles, an Italian sandwich, funnel cake fries, and much more.

“My husband is a New Yorker and he lived in Chicago for a number of years. We used to drive to Colorado Springs to get a Chicago dog whenever he got a craving,” said Gomez.

She says her husband came home one day and said, “By the way, did I tell you we were opening a hot dog place?”.

When you stop in, you’ll likely find Gomez or her husband building buns in the back.

“I’ve seen families grow from the children until they get [big], you know it’s just awesome,” said Gomez.

But don’t forget to say hi to the number one employee, their sweet son Aaron who will take care of all of your hot dog needs.

“One thing that’s important for us is family and we want them to feel as if they’re in my kitchen having something to eat,” said Gomez.

This is why Steel City Dogs passes our Restaurant Report Card.

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