Remembering 9/11 at Memorial Park, 18 years later


COLORADO SPRINGS — September 11 is a somber day for the country. City leaders along with the mayor spent their morning honoring those 2,977 lives lost in the devastating attacks.

The ceremony was held at the peace officers memorial at Memorial Park.

It’s a day that changed the United States sense of security forever.

“We always thought the oceans would protect us but that day we found out that wasn’t true,” President of Kansas State University Richard Myers said.

Most remembering exactly where they were the moment the attack on U.S. soil started.

“I was in the pentagon on 9/11,” Former Commander for NORAD North Command Chuck Jacoby explained. “We went through the series of receiving information wondering what was going on and then experiencing what was going on at the pentagon.”

“As we were standing in line to get on a plane we were standing live watching the second plane hit the twin towers,” Mayor John Suthers said.

“The first tower was hit during our meeting– the second tower was hit right during the start of our meeting and then rushed back to the pentagon it had been hit in the mean time and started by day,” Myers explained.

18 years later the community of Colorado Springs wants those wrapped in this tragedy to know we remember.

“Were out here to honor those who are lost and also thank our first-responder’s because we are seeing just glimpse of how difficult their job is,” Mayor Suthers added.

United as one, we honor all those lives lost.

“People don’t realize the sacrifice our military and first-responders make everyday,” Jacoby said. “It was a very sobering day as the day played out.”

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