DEL NORTE, Colo. — A red fox kitten saved from a leg hold trap last spring was successfully rehabilitated and released back into the wild last weekend by Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW).

Courtesy of CPW

Monte Vista district wildlife manager, Tyler Cerny, picked up a red fox kitten that had suffered a broken leg in a leg hold trap. It was taken to CPW’s Frisco Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation facility in Del Norte.

Facility Manager, Michael Sirochman, took the fox kitten to Durango where a veterinarian pinned two broken radius and ulna bones back together to stabilize the fox kitten’s leg. Antibiotics were administered for a few weeks, and it was a waiting game of healing and feeding her daily, says CPW.

Back at the Frisco Creek facility, Sirochman fed the fox kitten live mice to make sure she was keying in on live prey. The baby fox was housed in a bear pen where she had plenty of room to run and regain strength.

Once the pins were removed in a follow-up vet visit, she was ready for release!

Cerny successfully released the fox kitten back into the wild last weekend. Watch as she took off like a bolt of lightning back into her natural home on a healthy leg.

Don’t you just love a happy ending? We sure do!

Courtesy of CPW