Red flag conditions spark fires in Colorado Springs


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Multiple acres were left charred by flames on Monday.

First, one fire burned up to five acres between Interquest Parkway and North Gate east of Interstate 25 on Air Force property.

Then the second fire in south Colorado Springs burned 1.5 acres of Prairie Grass Park near an apartment complex and skate park.

“I heard fire engines,” said David Satchell, who lives in an apartment complex nearby. “All this here was smoke and some of it was on fire.”

On sunny, November days, you don’t think of red flag warnings.

“Typically red flag warnings are 75 degrees or higher, but you can still meet that criteria when humidity is below 25 percent,” said FOX21 Meteorologist Jeff Womack. “Winds only have to be about 15 miles per hour.”

Womack said when it come to precipitation, we are about average when it comes to rain, but for snow we are two inches behind for the month and four inches behind for the year so far.

“Our fuels are very dry. The moisture has gone into the ground and into the roots,” said Battalion Chief Steve Wilch with the Colorado Springs Fire Department. “We are not surprised by these things, we are prepared to for them with an aggressive response.”

The Colorado Springs Fire Department has seen an increase in grass fires and warns locals to be careful.

“Whether it’s just accidental or caused by human carelessness,” Wilch said.  “It’s been a trend we’ve been experiencing, not just this year but over the last few years.”

“I think [people] ought to be careful how they pluck their cigarettes, if they are going to pluck them, at least have the decency to smash it,” said Satchell.For more fire safety tips especially as we head into the holidays, click here.

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