(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Check out Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s (CMZoo) Primate World for Red Ape Rally Day on Monday, Sept. 4!

Red Ape Rally Day to support orangutan conservation and sustainable palm oil
Courtesy of Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Red Ape Rally Day aims to bring awareness to orangutan conservation and sustainable palm oil, stated CMZoo. Activities for the whole family will include:

  • Build your own orangutan nest out of different materials.
  • Stop by our photo booth, petition-signing table and coloring stations.
  • Visit the face-painting station.
  • Play a palm oil grocery game where you will learn about shopping for products containing sustainable palm oil.
  • Watch special orangutan enrichment and a keeper talk at 1:30 p.m.

Why is orangutan conservation & sustainable palm oil awareness important?

Palm oil is an edible oil found in many consumer products. High demand has caused unsustainable palm oil production resulting in deforestation across Southeast Asia, and other tropical areas, which means critically endangered species like orangutans are losing their homes, per CMZoo.

CMZoo said boycotting palm oil is not the solution. When produced sustainably, palm oil is the most productive edible oil available. Oil palms – trees that palm oil comes from – produce four to ten times more oil than alternatives like soy, olive, canola and coconut. Switching to these alternatives would cause even more deforestation in tropical areas, according to CMZoo.