(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Colorado Park & Wildlife (CPW) is warning pet owners to protect their beloved animals from coyotes.

A coyote captured on video last week is seen casually walking along the fence of a private dog park near an apartment building by Sinton Pond in Colorado Springs.

“Coyotes are highly adaptable and common in urban areas,” said CPW. “And they are predators.”

In addition to the threat of coyotes preying on your pets, they also risk spreading highly contagious diseases. According to CPW, the coyote captured on video likely suffers from mange, a disease caused by small skin parasites and mites. The “tell-tale signs of mange,” were noted on the coyote’s tail, which had lost much of its fur.

  • Rangers warn owners to protect pets from coyotes
  • Rangers warn owners to protect pets from coyotes

CPW also stated that coyote breeding season is between January and February.

“They get territorial and more aggressive and less tolerant of humans,” said CPW.

To protect yourself and your pets, do not feed coyotes and avoid their dens.