(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The doors of Atrevida Beer Company opened on Friday afternoon and a line instantly began to form of people wanting to show their appreciation.

 “We really want to show community support,” said Chelsea Fleck. “We really want to create a safe space for those affected and we want to support the person who helped kind of stop it all.”

Richard and Jessica Fierro are the owners of Atrevida Beer Company, an award winning brewery in Colorado Springs.

Throughout the afternoon, the line began to grow and grow with people of all ages and from all over the country.

“So I actually work at a brewery in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, called Diametric Brewing,” said Sam Mcmanness. “But whenever I heard about the news of what happened, I just wanted to support them.”

Mcmanness did not show up empty-handed, but with a pack of beers from Diametric to share with Atrevida.

“We also, like, are trying to be very inclusive and support the LGBTQ community, and I just want to do anything I could to support them,” said Mcmanness. “I think it’s really cool being a part of the brewing community because everybody’s super tight knit.”

John Register, a local Paralympian and silver medalist, also came out to support Atrevida and the heroic actions of Richard Fierro.

 “I know that for him… he was just protecting and saving lives,” said Register. “And we all think we know what we’re going to do in a time, a situation like that. But we don’t know until the time comes, and so those actions are heroic to stand and to protect lives.”

Register shares a similar trait to Fierro in serving in the military and protecting our country.

“He’s a veteran. I’m a veteran. That training that goes on every day, I think we can put that into our daily practices for showing up for people,” stated Register. “So, it’s just automatic that we do that and that we show acts of kindness all the time.”

For some, like Chelsea Fleck, being at Atrevida means leaving behind a greater message of love and support.

“To let people know that we support you and whatever decisions you want to make with your lives and shouldn’t…have any of your security or safe place to congregate taken away from you,” said Fleck.

Atrevida is open over the weekend and business hours can be found online.

With the doors now open, the outpour of community support for Atrevida is seen during this time of tragedy.

“We have such powerful, wonderful people in our community,” said Register. “Just as we’ve seen and we show up and we’ll show up for each other. And I think the community coming out to support that shows that solidarity.”