Racing to romance: how Mario Kart might improve your relationship


COLORADO SPRINGS — Have you ever come home from a long day’s work to find your significant other playing video games?

If that’s not your idea of a good time, you may remember the game, Fortnite, being blamed for at least 200 divorces in the UK.

However, a new survey from GetCenturyLink says some video games are actually bringing couples closer together.

But local experts say don’t go challenging your partner to a duel just yet!

“I think the premise is that really that any shared activity that you do with someone that your partner enjoys, is always going to be, or typically is going to be something that is healthy for a relationship. I don’t think you can tie it to one specific activity or another,” said Heather Lea, a clinical program manager for Child and Family at AspenPointe.

According to the survey, Mario Kart is the number one video game for positively impacting a relationship.

More specifically, one in three people aged 18-24 said so.

But Lea says it’s important to keep in mind who conducted the survey.

“Any good research is going to be conducted by an independent organization, most often a research facility or school, or a very well known college that has research departments that tend to not have anything to gain or anything to lose by producing this study,” Lea said.

The survey also lists Call of Duty and Skyrim as other video games that can be “good” for your relationship, saying you can complete challenges and problem solve together: a shared goal.

Lea pointed out that can be done with any activity two people enjoy, whether it’s kayaking, cycling or hiking.

” What happens if you want to go on one trail and your partner wants to go on another? How do you solve that? That’s a relational problem solving piece. So, there something to be said for things that help us or challenge us in ways that we enjoy being challenged. I wouldn’t narrow it down to just video games,” Lea said.

Click here to see the full survey results.

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