(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Nov. 20 was a night many in Colorado Springs will always remember, after a gunman opened fire at Club Q, killing five and leaving 18 injured.

“I woke up to a number of friends try to make sure that I wasn’t a part of that event that night,” said Leah Degon, the Facebook page admin of Queer Friends Colorado Springs.

Degon said she was ready for her next step.

“I got over to my Facebook side to kind of take a look at that… there was just, you know, obviously, people wanted to spread information about… this just happened, what’s going on, are people safe, what can we do?”

The Facebook page was originally started as a way to bring LGBTQ+ people and allies together.

“[Queer Friends Colorado Springs] is to find community to find places to be that are safe spaces that allow and welcome us to just be ourselves. And it’s so hard to find those safe spaces,” Degon said.

Now, she said the group is taking on a similar role in the wake of the Club Q tragedy.

“It was about 250 points of contact that I responded to that day,” she said. “Six days following that Club Q tragedy, it’s close to about 800 points of contact.”

Degon said they are using the page for sharing resources for therapy options, ways to donate to victims and survivors, conceal carry classes, and others.

“People even asking, you know, ‘I haven’t heard from this one person since this happened. Can we spread this word? Like, are they out there? Are they OK? Are they safe?'”

She said it’s a way to fill a much-needed hole in the community.

“It became a really great resource for people, not only just to know that we’re there, but to kind of get more needs met in a time when we didn’t know we had those needs until this tragedy happened.”

Now, Degon said she’s hoping more people can find their community in this Facebook page.

“Most of us know where you’ve been. We know those feelings and that fear and those questions and the doubts and the insecurities that come from that. And so, I think joining the group is a huge piece of that.”