(COLORADO) — Efforts are underway to get a question on the 2024 ballot concerning how long violent criminals must stay in prison before they become eligible for parole in Colorado.

Advance Colorado is behind the measure. They say if passed, it would apply to class two felons– people convicted of crimes like kidnapping, sexual assault, first-degree arson, and first-degree burglary. Advance Colorado says if voters approve, the ballot measure will ensure that those convicted serve at least 85% of their sentence.

“We just want truth in sentencing if you want to advocate to lower sentences, that’s a whole other discussion,” said Michael Fields, of Advance Colorado. “This would just be about people serving the time they are given and really making sure we are protecting people in Colorado, and that’s not what’s happening right now.”

The measure is currently still being developed and needs at least 25,000 signatures for it to be added to the 2024 ballot.