PUEBLO, Colo. — Glen Fillmore is retiring after more than three decades serving the Pueblo community. He worked both for the Pueblo Police Department and Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office.

“To me, serving the community – you know, it’s big,” said Fillmore. “I grew up out in the county, but I’ve always considered Pueblo, my home. Playing sports my entire life through high school and even college football here.”

It was one of his teammates who told him there was an opening at the Sheriff’s Office.

“I was actually playing semi-pro football. And through the guys that I played with, worked at the sheriff’s department, and they told me they’re hiring,” said Fillmore.

Fillmore said after starting work in law enforcement, he felt it was his calling.

“Once I got into the work, I felt like it was a calling I do, I feel like it was meant to be for whatever reason,” said Fillmore.

He has several back issues and has had two major back surgeries.

“I really wasn’t ready to go,” said Fillmore. “I wanted to do at least a couple more years, and I’ve had some back issues.”

Filmore said the people are who he is going to miss.

“They become your family, your other family,” said Fillmore. “The thin blue line is there for a reason. I mean, it’s a tight-knit group.”

Fillmore said he will continue serving the Pueblo community under the Americans With Disabilities Act. He does not know yet what this job will be. In the mean time, he is spending time with his family.