PUEBLO, Colo. — A baby boy made his entrance to the world in Pueblo early Tuesday morning.

But it didn’t happen without some help.

Pueblo Police Dispatcher Emily Gallardo answered the call and saw it all the way through, making sure mom and baby were safe.

Courtesy of Pueblo Police

And Gallardo knew exactly how this mother must have felt – as she is, herself, six months pregnant.

There was a scary moment, she told FOX21 Tuesday, when she learned the baby’s umbilical cord had wrapped around his neck.

“I instructed [the dad] how to remove the cord from around the baby’s neck and I heard a baby scream in the background – and I threw my arms up into the air!” Gallardo said. “It gave me goosebumps. And all of a sudden we had a baby on the phone!”

“This is an exhilarating event for us to help bring a new life into this world!” PPD shared on social media. “Our dispatchers are a vital component in keeping our officers and community safe.”

The department said the mom and her new baby boy are doing well at the hospital.