PUEBLO, Colo. — With students going back to school, Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) is reminding drivers to be careful around Pueblo County District 70 schools and bus stops.

Classes began in District 70 and with it came some common traffic issues like speeding in school zones, illegal parking, and infractions at bus tops/crosswalks. The Sheriff’s Office will be increasing enforcement around schools in Pueblo West.

The Sheriff’s Office asks everyone to be aware of the school zones and bus stops in their neighborhood and to be aware of children that will be on foot and on bicycles now that classes have begun. Drivers are asked to pay attention, put down cell phones and keep to the 20-mph speed limit in the school zones. Drivers are reminded that they must stop for buses while they are picking up and dropping off kids. Drivers should watch for students who may run from between parked cars or other blind spots.

Parents are asked not to drop off their children in the middle of the road and to park in designated areas only when dropping off or picking up their children.

Students are reminded to practice safety in getting to and from school. Only cross the road at crosswalks, follow the directions of the crossing guards and follow all pedestrian laws. Student drivers should minimize distractions by not using a cell phone, eating, listening to loud music, or giving rides to disruptive passengers.

“As students return for the new school year, we remind the public to use extra caution when driving near schools, bus stops, crosswalks, and playgrounds,” said Pueblo County Sheriff’s Patrol Captain Clifford Kindred. “Our top priority is the safety of our students and staff at the schools. We ask everybody to be alert and take it slow.”