Pueblo County Jail plans to ask voters for new facility


PUEBLO COUNTY, Colo. — The Pueblo County Jail is a 30-year-old facility.

Sheriff Kirk Taylor as well as county commissioners are working together to solve the overcrowding issue.

The ratio at the jail is supposed to be 80 inmates to one deputy,  right now it’s upwards of 96 inmates to one.

Multiple county leaders are using words like “dire” and “urgent” to describe the situation.

The building is crumbling, leaking pipes are causing water damage and cells meant for two are housing three and still inmates are sleeping on hard plastic “boats.”

“I hear all the time from the community, ‘if they are in jail they deserve to be there, they are criminals.’ Well they haven’t been found guilty of that,” said Sheriff Kirk Taylor.

It’s not just hte inmate who are dealing with dilapidated conditions, but it’s also in training rooms, and sergeants’ office areas.

County Commissioner Garrison Ortiz says there are a lot of factors that go into this decision and the voters will need to make the ultimate decision on the ballot in November.

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