COLORADO SPRINGS — Mountain Metro Transit and partners are looking for public feedback on the location of a new passenger rail station in Colorado Springs.

According to the City of Colorado Springs, there are two separate efforts to build a passenger rail service in different parts of the state:

The Amtrak Southwest Chief Thru-Car Alternatives Analysis Engineering Services effort is being led by The Southwest Chief and Front Range Passenger Rail Commission in partnership with the Colorado Department of Transportation. This study is examining opportunities to develop passenger rail service between Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and the existing Amtrak Southwest Chief station at La Junta.

The Front Range Passenger Rail effort is being led by The Southwest Chief and Front Range Passenger Rail Commission. The Commission is working to advance the development of passenger rail that serves Front Range communities from Fort Collins to Pueblo.

These two efforts could re-introduce a passenger rail to Colorado Springs, something that has not been in operation since the 1960s. While the time frame for the two projects is still being determined, the City of Colorado Springs wants community input on the project should it become a reality.

The goal of the Passenger Rail Station Location Study is to identify the best location for a station to achieve the most efficient access while also providing the highest benefits to the people who live in the City and the Pikes Peak region.

There is a Public Engagement Presentation about the study’s progress to date. From Monday, August 8 to Friday, August 19 the public is invited to provide their feedback.

To see the presentation and provide feedback, go to the Colorado Springs City website.