(PUEBLO, Colo.) — Pueblo City Council was over capacity on Monday, Nov. 14 as members of the community gathered for public comment on a proposed abortion clinic in Pueblo.

CARE, which stands for Clinics for Abortion and Reproductive Excellence, is currently located in two states; Maryland and Nebraska.

The clinic is raising money to open a first and second-trimester abortion clinic in Pueblo, and the Pueblo County Assessor’s office shows the property was purchased on Sept. 19 by Dr. Leroy Carhart of CARE.

Members of the community gathered at the city council meeting to share their concerns, with many saying they did not want the clinic in the city.

Pueblo Mayor Nick Gradisar was in attendance at the meeting and shared that the City has no regulatory authority.

“I’ve had lots of emails, lots of phone calls in my office about the clinic. You know the Colorado legislature and the Colorado voters have determined that abortion is legal in Colorado and that there’s nothing I can do as the mayor to reverse that determination, that determination has been made.”

Currently, the closest abortion providers are located in Colorado Springs and Alamosa.