COLORADO SPRINGS – A group of protest leaders with the Black Lives Matter movement discussed their proposal exclusively with FOX21News and fellow protesters on Saturday.

They labeled it as the Citizens Accountability Advisory Board.

Here is the full five page proposal:

The protest leaders also held a panel where FOX21 was allowed to ask questions about the proposal. They said the proposal is designed to keep the police accountable and help give the community a better voice.

“Our goal is to weed out the bad cops and make the good cops better,” Derrick Matthews, a leader of the protests in downtown Colorado Springs said.

Here is the video of the full panel:

According to the proposal, if it is passed, 11 members would be appointed by the city council to a 3-year term on the Civilian Accountability Advisory Board.

“We can be that gap between the officials, the officers and the people,” Matthews said.

The responsibilities of the board, in collaboration with CSPD and City Council to advise, according to the proposal include:

  • Hiring Practices
  • Training Procedures
  • Budget
  • Aggregate Data regarding arrests, disciplinary action, location, demographics, use of force

Protest leaders stated since things have remained peaceful, communication with both city council members and Mayor John Suthers has been fluid.

“We want to thank city council for taking our proposal seriously and hear our voices. They actually sat down with us and we feel heard,” Brent Windebaker, a leader with the protest said.

City Council President, Richard Skorman responded to Saturday’s announcement of the proposal:

“We are listening and want to act soon. Council and the Mayor are very open to putting together a Police Accountability Advisory Committee with broad representation from Protestors and the African American community to analyze our department and recommend changes that are necessary. We are waiting for a proposal from the different groups who are passionate about this issue and will move forward on setting this committee up on Tuesday.”

Richard Skorman, President, District 3 | Colorado Springs

Matthews stated they were given an extension to Tuesday to revise anything and work with other groups on the proposal from Thursday’s city council meeting.

“Tuesday will be a victory. I am speaking it into existence now. It’ll be a win. The city is going to change and take a step in the right direction that everybody wants,” Matthews said.