STATEWIDE — Project Angel Heart, an organization known for helping some of the most vulnerable people in Colorado, is taking some big steps.

“We make our meals from scratch here in our kitchen in North Denver for folks who have congestive heart failure, kidney disease, cancer… and all of these meals are provided to our clients and at no cost, delivered to their front door by volunteers in our community,” said Project Angel Heart’s president and CEO Owen Ryan.

The organization will soon be opening a new location in Pueblo on Saturday, Feb. 19, and it’s all thanks to a 580,000-dollar, 1-year grant from Kaiser Permanente.

This expansion is one of the most significant since the organization began in 1991.

The organization’s Colorado Springs location served 100,000 meals. Credit: Rachel Saurer

“This is big for us. We hear all the time from folks like the VA, from other hospitals and providers down in Pueblo from people who say that people need our meals. We’re really excited to do this and it’s going to be just in a few weeks everything’s up and running,” Ryan said.

With more area to cover, Project Angel Heart said it’s setting its sights on new goals after reporting helping a number of people in Colorado Springs.

“Just last year we delivered over a hundred thousand meals to communities in Colorado Springs we’re really excited to be a part. We’re also excited to be expanding to Pueblo just next month,” Ryan said.

CEO & President, Owen Ryan, talks about the goal of the organization to continue to expand and serve. Credit: Rachel Saurer

With locations all along the I-25, Project Angel Heart said they hope to be able to deliver a total of 620,000 personalized meals in 2022 to not just the patient, but everyone in the household.

“A young mom with little kids who got all of a sudden a breast cancer diagnosis that was very serious, and we provided meals to the whole family because part of our goal is to make a mom feel better but part of our goal is to also reduce stress and anxiety,” Ryan said.

Meal services will being on February 19, but the organization said they are already hiring and open for volunteers.

Find out how to be a volunteer here. If you know someone who could qualify for the program, you can do that here.