(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Travelers at Colorado Springs (COS) Airport shared that the line on Tuesday morning to get to the Southwest Airlines ticket counter was over three hours long.

“We had a good time until he got a notification early this morning, about 3:30,” said Colorado Springs Airport visitor, Lisa Torres. “His plane was delayed. So, yeah, it’s kind of stressful because, you know, everybody wants to get home.”

Travelers waiting in line to speak with a worker for Southwest Airlines

On Tuesday, 24 flights were canceled at Colorado Springs Airport, all from Southwest. Many waited in line, including Karin Hill and her daughter, who wanted a refund for their original flight.

“I will tell Southwest something else,” Hill said. “We don’t want fly credit. We want refunds, we want compensation and refunds. Like the emotional and the mental toll that this has taken on hundreds of thousands of people is insane. It is unspeakable and it is uncalled for.”

Another traveler in line was Joshua Sibley, who shared he was supposed to fly out of Denver two days ago and checked his bag.

“…I waited 6 hours at the gate for my flight and then what happened was there was no pilot at first,” Sibley said. “And then after that, there was no flight attendant. And then after we’d waited, you know, six and a half hours for those people, all the crew timed out.”

Sibley needed to leave on the 25th to report for service in Charleston but since his flight was canceled, he still remains stuck in Colorado Springs.

” I haven’t spoken to anyone from Southwest in days because it’s just the phone doesn’t work,” Sibley said. “The website isn’t helpful. If I try to reschedule on the website what it tells me is that you need to see some ticket counter. You need to go see a ticket counter and this is what you get when you see a ticket counter.”

Sibley was referring to the long line of people waiting to speak to a Southwest Airlines worker at the ticket counter.

Besides leaving Colorado Springs Airport, the problems are also evident flying in. KJ Fong shared her frustration as her mother continues to try to fly into Colorado Springs and cannot get here.

“She’s 57 years old, she’s been a single mom. She’s done all kinds of things in life that are hard,” Fong said. “And this is what’s breaking her and I am so far away and the only thing that I can do is pray that somebody can help me get her home or I got to get in that car and go get her.”

Another problem travelers are running into is finding their checked luggage. For service member Sibley, he had checked his gun in his luggage, which is now missing.

“Don’t check anything important in your luggage because you probably won’t get it back if your flight’s canceled,” Sibley said.

Unclaimed luggage continues to come into Colorado Springs airport with hundreds of bags behind the ticket counter and even more downstairs by baggage claim.

On Tuesday evening, luggage continues to fill the baggage claim area.

One traveler, Hill, was able to find her luggage without the help of Southwest Airlines instead thanks to the help of Apple.

“The only reason that we found out that our bags were here, because we didn’t hear it from Southwest, is [because] we have air tags in our bags,” Hill said.

All throughout Tuesday, Southwest Airlines continued to have a line of travelers demanding answers to how they could get on the next flight.

“Betrayed that’s how it makes me feel… Southwest has done literally nothing,” Hill said. “They’re sending out these excuses of letters and things… there’s no accountability. It’s like just be adult, step up and say that y’all messed up and then compensate the people, don’t try to give us flight credit.”

Even though she wasn’t flying on the airline, Fong shared she will no longer be booking future travels with Southwest.

“I will fly United, I will fly American Airlines, I will fly any airline that is not them ever,” Fong said. “I don’t care if it’s $3,000 more. It is not worth it for your family members’ peace of mind whether you’re the traveler or you’re just the family member to be left like this.”