(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Atrevida Beer Company is known for its award-winning beers and being Colorado’s first Latino-owned brewery led by a female head brewer.

“Diversity, it’s on tap” are the words outside of the business that Richard and Jessica Fierro own.

“Recent events I found out that this is actually located right here in my neighborhood, so I’m excited to be out here and support local,” said Nicole Bathurst, a visitor outside of Atrevida.

Around 4 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon, the parking lot began to fill with community members wanting to support the heroic actions of Richard Fierro.

Fierro, an army veteran, was able to tackle the suspect to the ground and stop him from shooting at more people at Club Q.

“He was out there with his family, his daughter, her boyfriend and everything, and he was one of the victims as well,” said Kory Sczurek, a visitor outside of Atrevida. “So just thank you for being an ally, you know, stepping up to the plate, stopping that because it could have been far worse and just thank you for being there.”

On Twitter, people are encouraging each other to go out and support the business.

“Apparently online you can actually go and buy all their cool merch. There’s gift cards that you can buy, obviously stop by have a pint. That’s what I’m looking forward to,” said Sczurek. “I’ve been told that they have a bunch of really cool beers and everything, so I’m really looking forward to trying them out.”

The door to the brewery, filled with flowers and notes of gratitude to the Fierro family.

“I think we need to highlight this business [and] this guy. I know there was a another trans person that was actually the one that was stepping on the suspect with the heel,” said Sczurek. “I think those are the stories we need to highlight instead of focusing on the suspect.”