COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The liquid nicotine vapor industry could be facing some more regulations from the Food and Drug administration.

Right now, some argue vapor packaging is too easy for kids to get into and some packaging doesn’t have enough health warnings.

Some said the vaping industry is split as reactions start pouring in to the FDA’s stance.

The FDA said they’re seeing more and more emergency calls for kids with liquid nicotine poisoning.

Some in the vaping community said some products cross over the line in making their products too enticing to kids.

“Well this looks just like this food and tastes like this food, let’s brand it so the packaging looks the same too,” said Vapor Source Manager Jacob Taylor. “A kid will know branding faster than they can read.”

That’s where the potential problems start.

“It’s resemblance,” said Taylor. “It’s ‘oh hey, this might be the thing I like to eat, because it tastes like this or whatever. I’m going to pick it up and possibly try it.'”

That’s causing concern for parents.

“Little stories starting to come out about how toxic the nicotine actually is,” said Colorado Springs parent Kaitlyn Beasley. “It makes us worry that a tiny amount, whether it’s him, the cat, or the dog, we don’t want anybody getting sick in the family.”

One vape shop said a large part of the industry doesn’t want more FDA regulations.

“The 60 percent that sees it like that, I think it would be easy to change the views on it, the more they see we’re not trying to take away from it, we just want to make it safer,” said Taylor.

The other side is okay with it.

“The 40 percent that already sees it that way kinda sees it already as, it won’t affect us as much as you think. It’s just going to make it safer for little kids and out-of-the-vape-community people,” said Taylor.

Some said the regulations have to be a balancing act.

“Even though you want to keep it away from children, making it easy, accessible for adults as well that know how to use it. We know what’s correct, we know how to use it, we know to keep it away from kids, but don’t make it too hard to get into my bottle to get my liquid when I want it,” said Taylor.

The warning labels would extend to items that use liquid nicotine, including e-cigarettes, vape pens, and other products.

The FDA is asking for public feedback on the topic. Submit your comments on their website.