Pot sales in Colorado are up for the third consecutive year


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. –  For the third consecutive year, pot sales are up in the state of Colorado.

Newly released state figures show Colorado’s marijuana dispensaries sold $1.3 billion worth of recreational and medical marijuana in 2016.

The Colorado Department of Revenue data shows the sales growth every year since the state legalized recreational marijuana sales.

Recreational marijuana accounted for $875 million of the sales total.

About $438 million of medical pot was sold, meaning approximately $200 million was raised in taxes and fees.

Last year’s total pot sales were up from about $996 million in 2015 and $699 million the previous year.

Marijuana tax revenue helps fund school construction projects and goes towards other areas such as public health and law enforcement.

Last year, the state’s schools received about $50 million – the equivalent of one percent of the education budget.

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